Dressing Though The Years

Shopping. Some find it and an impossible task to complete some find it  impossible to actually  stop shopping. I, myself don’t hate nor love shopping, however i must admit i love finding a good bargain. It was only recently, when i went shopping with my grandmother that i realized how different clothes are for women of different ages. While shops stock outrageously short skirts and shorts for girls as young as 10, older women in in their 60’s and 70’s have clothes that don’t show off one’s figure, and some, to be honest, just look hideous.  Some women like to pay a lot of attention to what they wear, and are immune to the ‘old-lady’ look, and then are criticized for it. How many older women do you see wear short-shorts and revealing tops? And how many younger women do you see wearing clothes that cover her up? I can answer that for you. It would be very rare to see both an older woman and younger woman wearing anything along those lines. In fact they wear the exact opposite of each other. I don’t think that women shouldn’t wear clothes that show off one’s figure, i think we should wear clothes that we actually like, and feel comfortable and confident in. So next time you buy a piece of clothing, ask yourself why are you buying it? Are you buying it  because you like it, or you think it will get you a husband?

Older women such as Madonna and Kim Cattrall are often criticized for what they wear, which got me thinking. Why are they criticized? When Madonna was younger, she could wear whatever she wanted. Is it because now she is older, all of a sudden men don’t want to see a woman’s figure, among other things, anymore? It seems so wrong that men design a lot of women’s clothes, it’s like we can’t even dress ourselves anymore. Men want us to dress revealingly, when we are young at least, and if we don’t, it scares us because then we think that no-one will want us. Well, not all women of cause.  Some women are happy to wear short skirts and dangerously lot cut tops, and some women will wear whatever they want, not caring what men think. And the rest of us are just trying to find something that will fit. But that’s  a different story.

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