Gilmore Girls Movie?

I myself am a confessed Gilmore girls addict! I love the Gilmore Girls sooo much, I’ve seen every season about 10 times. However, I have found out that I am certainly not the only Gilmore-girls freak out there, so many people watch the series over and over, practically memorizing the lines. I found out recently there has been talk of a Gilmore Girls movie! Apparently Lauren Graham [Lorelei Gilmore] has said that it might happen, during an interview that was posted on a gilmore girls fan site [] It would certainly be a worth-while in devour for WB, even if the movie was awful, I’m sure almost all Gilmore-Girls fans desperately want to know what’s in store for that little town named stars hollow.

It certainly is very exciting news for all Gilmore Girls fans, and hopefully the plan will be put into action. If you want updated information on what’s happening with the Gilmore Girls movie, click here.




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2 responses to “Gilmore Girls Movie?

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  2. I’m good at knowing Gilmore Girls. They use Lorelei as a girl’s name and they misspell it (on Gilmore Girls) as Lorelai. If you name your daughter Lorelei and spell it the same way they spell it on Gilmore Girls, go ahead. Maybe there are some other people named Lorelai. Not just in Gilmore Girls. Lots of people like that show.

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