Swearing: A Trend That’s Here To Stay?

My mum and i have just made a bet stating that she will not swear until 12:00am tonight, and if she does, I get $5. If, by some chance she doesn’t swear, I obviously lose five bucks, but I’m very confident that I shall win. Possibly the easiest $5 I’ve ever made!

It got me thinking about swearing, and how everybody seems to swear these days. I have one friend who has never swore, well I haven’t heard her swear anyway, but apart form that I have never met a person that does not swear. Even my grandmother swore once, which was VERY out of character.

I did a bit of research on swear words and how they came about, and was surprised to find out that the word crap was formed from the last name of the man that invented the toilet. Which is the reason that crap’s meaning is poo. Fascinating isn’t it?

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