Queensland Floods

The worst flood of the century. That’s what the floods in Queensland have been called.The infamous floods that have made international news headlines have so far claimed 16 lives, The CBD [city business district] of Brisbane, countless towns, and millions of houses. So far Australia has raised 64 million dollars to help the flood victims, which will be a massive help for many Australian families who have lost everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Some houses have been ripped from their foundations, and literally floated in the flood water.

But one thing you don’t expect in such a tragedy, is that your insurance company won’t pay up. This is simply because many insurance companies don’t cover flood damage. In Australia there has been no real definition of what flood water is, which means that plenty of insurance companies insure rainwater damage, just not floodwater damage. Some insurance companies will only replace homes and contents, because that has floodwater damage in its clause, but won’t pay for any damage to the actual house, or vice versa.

This tragedy has affected over 75% percent of Queensland, and around 25% percent of Victoria so far. However, Australian’s are pulling together and helping each other out,whether they know each other or not. Hopefully, after this flood, insurance companies won’t be allowed to leave Australians high and dry again.

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