How To Type Smileys

Some people love ’em, some people hate them, either way no-one wants to be insulted without knowing it. I’m talking about smileys, of course! I discovered that I have no idea how to type a smiley, and thought since some of you may be in the same boat, you might like to learn how.

After doing a bit of research [because I’m incredibly bored and a little bit intrigued by the concept of smileys] I discovered  that smileys were created in the 8o’s [along with a lot of other weird stuff] and that smileys in the 21 century, aren’t just smileys anymore. They display all kinds of emotions, as shown in this chart.

Also, smileys are now in colour! [because black and white was sooooo last year] In fact, I know that hotmail, along with many other e-mail services such as g-mail and yahoo provide a smileys tool bar, and will convert  black and white smileys like these  =)  into smileys with colour like these

I found this great website that shows you how to type about 100 different smileys and tells you what they mean. So if you want to take a look click here.


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