Fridges With Wi-Fi?

Recently, at the Information Technology Conference in Las Vegas, Samsung released a fridge. With a Wi-Fi connection.This basically means that this fridge can access the internet. I know some people would absolutely love this idea,and think it was the best thing invented since microwave popcorn,but to me, it just seems silly. Why on earth do we need to have a fridge with internet? Apparently, this fridge allows you to watch television, play music and sync your Google calendar to it. On one of the websites I looked at, I saw a comment about the fridge that stated

”The tech-savvy Samsung RF4289 Refrigerator is packed with fun and practical apps, making it more than just a typical freezer.”

Well, the verdicts in, your fridge is just a typical fridge. Why do we need fridges that aren’t typical? I like my fridge! It’s not like there isn’t any other way we can do the things that you can do on that fridge. And why on earth would you want a fridge that you can watch television on?

Aside from the fact that this fridge is pointless, I do think it is an incredible invention, and shows what humans can achieve. Just next time, do you think we could focus on cancer?


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