How to become a christain

I was at a friends house, reading the bible that she had, not because she was religious, but because she needed it for school. Anyway, I came across this:

How to become a christian

the way to live life god’s way is to become a christian. But how? Four simple words show how to begin and the path to take.

Turn: Change the direction of your life by living the way god wants, rather than doing things your own way.

Trust: Believe that what Jesus said and did was true and that he can work in your life today.

Take: Receive what Jesus has promised- forgiveness, love, purpose and new life.

Talk: talk to someone you know who is christian, or contact your local christian church and speak to a minster, priest or pastor.

The concept of a four-step process to become a christian is completely laughable in my opinion. I think the first one, turn, is my favourite. The idea of changing yourself so you can live your life the way god wants you to is complete bullshit as far as I’m concerned. I mean, doesn’t the bible encourage you to be your own person? What would happen if everyone was the same? How does anyone know how god wants us to live anyway? There are so many different adaptations of Christianity, all with their own beliefs, that  it’s hard to find common ground.

I don’t even really believe that you can ‘become’ a christian. You can be a follower, or someone that uses the principals of Christianity, or someone that calls themselves a christian because they feel better about themselves, or because their parents are around,  I don’t think any person could uphold everything that god apparently expects them to, and don’t think that anyone should. People have to make mistakes to learn.

I would like to make it cleat that, although I am not  a Christian and I don’t believe in god, I am not in any way making fun of god or Christianity or even the bible. I am purely mocking the idea of there being a four-step process to becoming a christian. I think that the morals that Christians live by are honorable, and am on no mission to demean that.



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4 responses to “How to become a christain

  1. Excellent point about the four step process.

  2. the four step process sounds like crap…. I dont actually label myself christian because I get annoyed with the sanctimoniousness of so many profess christians… I think I am more a follower and I try to live with values that I think christ would have used…. eye for an eye etc is just so wrong.


    • I completely agree! I think that, even though I am not a christian, that everyone can incorporate many values and lessons from the bible into their own lives. People are very stereotypical about Christianity. I also agree with you about the eye for and eye tooth for a tooth theory, and think that the new testament is definitely more relevant to our lives now, and has better ideas about how everyone should conduct themselves.

  3. I agree. I am non-religious, but I try to live morally, and I love the messages that come through in the bible.

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