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Making Friends

This has been one of the hardest things for me at High school so far. Some people can naturally and easily make friends, can have conversations with people about almost anything, and can handle awkward silences.I am not one of those people. Yes, I can talk a lot, but not to people I don’t know.

I found it hard having to make new friends after my best friend moved countries. It took us, I think, about a year to get to a good place, to be really good friends. Right now, a year seems like a life time. Also, being really sad all the time isn’t a great way to make friends either. So it’s been a rather emotional experience as well. Hopefully I’ll get better at it.


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Update on High school

Today got off to a rocky start, my home group teacher wanted us to hand up our diaries yesterday, which has almost everything we need in it, expect answers to homework, and I didn’t get it back until the third lesson. I was not happy. It really isn’t any fun having to guess what class you are supposed to be taking, it is hard enough actually finding the classroom in the first place.

Apart from that everything is going okay at high school, the work isn’t that different from primary school, really. And I know where most of my classes now, so I don’t feel so lost. Which is good. I like good things.

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It’s a funny concept, isn’t it? Many people fancy themselves independent,  myself included, but you don’t realize how so not independent you are until you lose everything you were depending on. Except you didn’t know you were depending on it. That’s not confusing, is it? It also makes it even more painful, when you lose something you didn’t know you had, or you didn’t realize how much you needed it, or how lost you are going to be without it. It’s horrible but true, you never truly realize what you have until you’ve lost it.   I don’t think I could ever prepare myself for that. I don’t think anyone can prepare themselves for that.



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I like iPods!

I am writing this post on an iPod touch! This is so cool! So, yeah, I’m practically writing this to gloat. I’m done now. Well, almost. I love iPods!


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Strawberries, Sport, Shoes and Sheep

Today has been an eventful, and strange day. The strangest thing about today is practically everything I did started with the letter S [hence the title]

This morning I went strawberry picking. That was really fun, even though we went with dad. The best part about it was you could eat the strawberries while we were picking them. The even better part is that I managed to eat heaps without feeling sick.

I also watched Polo. For those that don’t know, Polo is  a sport similar to hockey, expect you play it on horses. It is a very odd and boring sport. I personally think it would be more exciting if, instead of hitting a ball, they hit each other.  That would be classed as on entertaining sport. One of the really annoying things about that was that there was a man commentating. Very loudly. And a lot. And very badly. I wanted to hit him with the mallet.

I got a new pair of shoes today. I was happy because I needed new ones and they were cheap, so it was a win-win. Gotta love Big-W, even if they are trying to take over the world.

I went to cheap as chips today, and I got a sheep candle. Isn’t it cute? I’ve decided to name it Steve the sheep. It took me a while of convincing my dad that my life would be improved dramatically by owning a candle that is shaped like a sheep, and since it was only $2.50, I won. I was very happy.


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See this is why I hate Facebook…

For those of you that use facebook you will probably know what I am talking about, but for those that don’t, this could be a little confusing. However I shall try to explain this to the best of my abilty.

I was looking at the news feed on facebook, when I saw that someone had ‘liked’ a comment saying

getting kicked out of a library for putting all the ‘Womens rights’ books in the fiction section…

I think it is amazing how far women have come over the past century, but it is comments like these that makes me feel like we will never become equal to men. It also makes me think that when I take control of the world that there will be a place for people like that….kind of like my year 8 camp. Any suggestions as to what we should do with men that can’t seem to get it into their heads that women are equal to men?


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Loss and other fun stuff like that

I went to my best friends house today. Technically it’s her old house, but I don’t want to acknowledge that fact, so its her house. I don’t care whose has the deed, it has her, and her family whose I have grown to know, like and respect as if they were my own, all over it. As I looked at it, I thought about all the memories that I have there, all the things that my best friend and I had talked about. As I walked up the street, I thought about all the times that she and I walked from our small primary school to her house, the street we walked down really quickly because it always had someone that looked like they were going to kidnap us on it. I looked at the gate, where her sisters once waited for my sister and I, when we would come to visit. I looked at the veranda, where we used to sit, and I looked at the pillar I could never climb up. I wish I had tried harder to now. I saw flower bed that we lay down in, when we were playing hide and seek. Then I saw the spot where we both sat, staring at he for sale sign, outside the house. I remember how unhappy she looked. I remember how ugly the real estate agent looked. I just felt so powerless. I didn’t know what was going to happen, she did, well sort of, since it wasn’t the first time. I didn’t know it was going to hurt this badly. Now I feel lost.

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