You’re a peanut

This is the offensive [well, kind of] stupid, and may I say fairly pathetic insult that our society and environment teacher said to one of the students in my class.  Where do I begin? I mean, honestly, who, A, calls a student a peanut during class, and, B, calls anyone a peanut, regardless of who they are?

On a serious note, if there is such a thing as far as this situation is concerned, I believe that it is completely unprofessional to lose your temper in a class like that, and insult a student, regardless of how strange it may be. Of course, on the other hand, it is downright comical, and I had to try so incredibly hard to stop laughing during the class, as did many others.

But the worst thing about this teacher is that he has a really boring voice, it makes me want to fall asleep. The peanut comment was the only thing that kept me awake that entire lesson.


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