School camp

One of the very cruel things that my school has decided to do to all year 8 students. I went camping with 70 other children, in the Adelaide hills. I hate camping. The bus trip was the best part. Well, maybe not the best part, but it was definitely a highlight.

There were three different activities that we had to complete throughout the two days that we were there. Those activities were called the high ropes, the challenge course and canoeing. More about that later. So we get off the bus, and go inside the  ‘dinning room’ where there was a delightful sign informing us that we should keep the doors shut at all times so the magpies don’t come inside and poop everywhere. Then the staff talked us though all the standard housekeeping rules, don’t jump off things that are high off the ground such as the roof, don’t press the emergency fire alarm, oh, and watch out for the brown snakes.

The high ropes was the first activity that I had to partake in. And believe me, the high ropes live up to there name. There are elements that we have to complete, that are, of course, that are at least 10 metres above the ground. Some of the different elements included the leap of faith, which is a pole, 12 metres above the ground, and a bar that you have to try and grab, the postman’s walk, which is two parallel lines that you have to walk across, also 10 metres above the ground. Fun right? For some people, maybe.  I think you can tell what I though of the experience. If not, it was HELL!

Dinner came around slowly, we had pretty good food, and amazing chocolate mousse. Also one of the highlights of the trip. Unfortunately, sleeping was definitely not a highlight. Which is annoying because I like sleeping. Did you know that eyeliner is something that is considered essential at camp? That is what the girls in my dorm informed me of, accept they didn’t use words that were that big. During my very pleasant evening, one of the girls threw up, one of them started sleep walking and another managed to stay up the entire night. I didn’t get much sleep. Not happy.

Breakfast was another interesting experience. It was also a disgusting experience. Just to clarify, spaghetti on toast SHOULD NOT under ANY circumstances be served for breakfast. Enough said.

On the second day we had to do the challenge course. I shan’t go into that with too much detail, as I am trying to erase that from my memory, but to paint a picture, there were logs, mud, water, mud, sheep poo, mud, water, mud pits that we had to crawl though, tires and some more mud. I’m not one of those stereotypical girls who scream when they hear the word mud, please, erase that image from you mind, I didn’t mind the water and mud. However, I did mind the sheep poo in the mud, I did mind the fact that it was about 10 degrees, and I did mind very much that I was wearing cotton.  It wasn’t fun.

Canoeing was the one activity that I actually liked, and I liked the fact that the boat didn’t capsize even more. I learned how to splash people while paddling. I was very glad when I was on that bus again, the horrible shower and the apparent chicken sandwich behind me, my wet and destroyed clothes underneath the bus. When we got back to school, our home group teacher made us write a PMI [positive minus interesting] about the camp, along with a couple of sentences explaining our thoughts about the camp. These were some of the things I wrote:

Positive things about the camp

  • leaving
  • hearing people scream when they got wet

Minus; bad things about camp

  • it was really really cold
  • spaghetti on toast is disgusting
  • the girls in my dorm wouldn’t go to sleep, they threw up and started sleep walking
  • the showers were cold and disgusting, similar to the spaghetti on toast.


  • it was interesting learning how to splash people while canoeing
  • it was interesting watching the faces of people while they were eating their spaghetti on toast.
  • it was interesting learning how to sleep with the light on

It was very hard to come up with anything positive to say about camp, really.


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2 responses to “School camp

  1. I would have had fun. I accept that you didn’t though.

    • Would you? I doubt that you would have even had fun. Didn’t I go into enough detail about the cold and the vomit and the no sleep? I would have had more fun if you were there. That’s part of the reason I hated it so much.

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