Strawberries, Sport, Shoes and Sheep

Today has been an eventful, and strange day. The strangest thing about today is practically everything I did started with the letter S [hence the title]

This morning I went strawberry picking. That was really fun, even though we went with dad. The best part about it was you could eat the strawberries while we were picking them. The even better part is that I managed to eat heaps without feeling sick.

I also watched Polo. For those that don’t know, Polo is  a sport similar to hockey, expect you play it on horses. It is a very odd and boring sport. I personally think it would be more exciting if, instead of hitting a ball, they hit each other.  That would be classed as on entertaining sport. One of the really annoying things about that was that there was a man commentating. Very loudly. And a lot. And very badly. I wanted to hit him with the mallet.

I got a new pair of shoes today. I was happy because I needed new ones and they were cheap, so it was a win-win. Gotta love Big-W, even if they are trying to take over the world.

I went to cheap as chips today, and I got a sheep candle. Isn’t it cute? I’ve decided to name it Steve the sheep. It took me a while of convincing my dad that my life would be improved dramatically by owning a candle that is shaped like a sheep, and since it was only $2.50, I won. I was very happy.



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2 responses to “Strawberries, Sport, Shoes and Sheep

  1. Nice. You should show the candle to our friend who is obsessed with sheep. What have you named it?

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