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Success. It’s a strange thing. It’s supposed to be good, but if you are like me, you don’t want to hear about it unless it’s yours. It’s not about wanting to be the only person that achieves, or the only person that has good things happen to them, or wanting anyone to hog the limelight, or even pride, to me other people’s success is depressing.  If other people achieve things it means I have failed. And yes, you can say it, it’s cynical. It is. And I am.

But that doesn’t bother me. I prefer to call it realism. Wow, that’s a good spin, wouldn’t I make a great politician? Anyway, moving on…  Take blogging, for instance. There are people that write posts, every day, that become freshly pressed, and instead of feeling happy for them, I think, why can’t I do that? Why aren’t I interesting? See, if you are still awake, then I must be interesting to some degree. But not interesting enough. Not good enough.

That’s why I think that other people’s success is depressing. But there are always people to look down on. Doesn’t that make everyone feel better? What is wrong with our society?

I think the thing that I hate most about success, is it defines a lot of who you are, and where you rank in society. There is a lot of pressure associated with being successful, without there being a real definition of what success is. I personally believe that you decide what success is, and that if you are happy with who you are and what you are doing, you are successful. Unfortunately there is a very big difference between our own personal definitions of success, and societies definition of success. Whatever that is.



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One of my very good friends and I have always loved this word. Just the concept of something being discombobulated  is cool. And a bit weird. I love the way that its meaning is so open ended, it could mean so many things, purely because of the combination of words, and parts of words.

The word, for those of you that don’t know, means to confuse, or disconcert. It is an American word, it’s origins aren’t completely clear, but it is believed that this word started appearing in 1834 or thereabouts.

If you want to find out more information about the word, by all means don’t use Wikipedia, because they don’t even have a page dedicated to this truly awesome word. Isn’t that insulting? Though they probably wouldn’t have got it right anyway…. Anyway, cool word right?

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Word of the week

So I have started a category called word of the week. Each week, I’m going to write about a word that I have learned, or a word that I think is strange or funny or that I like. [there are plenty of them, trust me] And who knows, you might just learn something. So if you see a post randomly talking about a word, this is why.

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Heart Like a Wheel

I’ve been listening to a song, called heart like wheel, by The Corrs. I’m not sure what it’s about. It’s a mystery. I’m pretty sure it’s about a woman whose husband or partner has died. But it’s hard to tell.

There a several verses that I like in it. I like almost all of it, really. It has lyrics that really make you think. This is pretty much the whole song. It’s very thought provoking.

Some say the heart is just like a wheel
When you bend it you can’t mend it
And my love for you is like a sinking ship
My heart is on that ship out in mid-ocean

They say that death is a tragedy
It comes once and then it’s over
But my one only wish is for that deep dark abyss
For what’s the use of living with no true lover

And it’s only love and it’s only love
That can break a human being
and turn him inside out
That can break a human being
and turn him inside out

When harm is done no love can be won
I know it happens frequently
What I can’t understand please
God hold my hand
Is why it should have happened to me

Where do I start? I love the way the heart is compared to a wheel, and how love affects a person. I love the way it explores the idea of death, and how it says ‘when harm is done no love can be won.’ I hope, though, the part about never being able to mend a heart once damaged isn’t true. But that could be a bit naive.  Either way, I love this song.

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A few lessons learned so far….

I’ve realized a lot of things, over the past few weeks. Which is good. I like realizing things, it makes me feel smart.

I’ve realized that everything happens for a reason,

and that nothing is nothing.

I’ve realized that life is hard, because we make it hard ,

and that life is sad, because it means we have been happy

I’ve realized that if you want something badly enough,

and if you work at something hard enough and long enough

You will get it, one way or another, and if you don’t,  you didn’t

want it enough,

or that it wasn’t worth having in the first place

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The father that wouldn’t leave

So my dad left on his little journey around Australia a few weeks ago. I should have known there was no way that this was going to happen quickly and painlessly. Not when my father is involved.

So we went to the Adelaide hills with him, went strawberry picking and watched polo [as you do] I wrote another post about that interesting day called  strawberries, sport and sheep if you want to read about it. Anyway, moving on.

My sister asked whether we would see him again before he left, and, because he is an idiot, he said that he was leaving in a few days, so yes, this would be the last time we would see him, for god knows how long. [N.B. I added the last part in] Thanks for the heads up dad. So he dropped us off at our mother’s house, in his big fancy 80,000 dollar four wheel drive, that was only 2 weeks old. And we walked inside.

My sister stood outside a little longer, she wanted to see him drive away. This is the funny part. She came back inside and informed us that he had not driven away. I went out 10 minutes later. He was still there. After half an hour we decided to drive past him in our car. We thought that he was in the car crying. My dad has an annoying habit of always always crying. But when we drove past, he wasn’t there. However, he was there when we drove past the petrol station.

We went home about an hour later, and my sister and I went over to the car to see what was wrong. He had run out of petrol. What an idiot. This car had a 170 litre tank. He must have thought that it came with a magical tank that never emptied or something because it obliviously didn’t cross his mind to fill it up. The funniest part was that it was right outside his ex wife’s house, mum could see the whole thing.

In fact, it is hard to decide what is the funniest part is about this, because there is more. They had to call the RAA. The RAA, for those that don’t know, is a company that sells car insurance, and if anything is wrong with the car, they will come out and fix it. The RAA couldn’t fix it, because it needed diesel, and they didn’t have any. Dad and his girlfriend [that’s right there was a girlfriend as well!] only had a 5 litre container to put it in, and, being my father, it didn’t occur to him that having a tank as big as his is, 5 litres wasn’t going to get even close to covering the bottom of the tank, making it impossible to start.

So he had to call his parents. That’s right, he had no-one else that could help him, so he got his  parents to buy a petrol container, and some desol, and bring it to him. So then there were six. Seven, if you count mum, who was inside, playing her world music inside REALLY loudly, so that they could definitely hear it.

I was constantly going in and out of the house, to see what was happening, and to report back to mum. One minute I would be doubling over laughing, tears rolling down my cheeks, swearing like a sailor, and then I would compose myself, and go outside to discuss Jane Austen with my grandmother. At one point, my sister went inside, and I heard a very loud ‘Jesus Christ.’ I can tell you I have never seen so many people turn their heads so quickly EVER.

They were not successive in starting the car, so they had to call the RAA again. Finally, after about half an hour, they managed to get the car started. Both the men who came to look at the car told dad and I quote ”you would have to be crazy to run this car with next to no fuel”  They summed it up in one. So after 5 hours, 2 awkward goodbyes, and I think dad learned a valuable lesson. The fuel light isn’t just a colorful suggestion.


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