One of my very good friends and I have always loved this word. Just the concept of something being discombobulated  is cool. And a bit weird. I love the way that its meaning is so open ended, it could mean so many things, purely because of the combination of words, and parts of words.

The word, for those of you that don’t know, means to confuse, or disconcert. It is an American word, it’s origins aren’t completely clear, but it is believed that this word started appearing in 1834 or thereabouts.

If you want to find out more information about the word, by all means don’t use Wikipedia, because they don’t even have a page dedicated to this truly awesome word. Isn’t that insulting? Though they probably wouldn’t have got it right anyway…. Anyway, cool word right?

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One response to “Discombobulated

  1. I was really discombobulated by your post LOL
    I never heard this word before, but I LOVE it! such a nice word (:
    discombobulate…discombobulate…discombobulate..I’m going to use it a lot!

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