Success. It’s a strange thing. It’s supposed to be good, but if you are like me, you don’t want to hear about it unless it’s yours. It’s not about wanting to be the only person that achieves, or the only person that has good things happen to them, or wanting anyone to hog the limelight, or even pride, to me other people’s success is depressing.  If other people achieve things it means I have failed. And yes, you can say it, it’s cynical. It is. And I am.

But that doesn’t bother me. I prefer to call it realism. Wow, that’s a good spin, wouldn’t I make a great politician? Anyway, moving on…  Take blogging, for instance. There are people that write posts, every day, that become freshly pressed, and instead of feeling happy for them, I think, why can’t I do that? Why aren’t I interesting? See, if you are still awake, then I must be interesting to some degree. But not interesting enough. Not good enough.

That’s why I think that other people’s success is depressing. But there are always people to look down on. Doesn’t that make everyone feel better? What is wrong with our society?

I think the thing that I hate most about success, is it defines a lot of who you are, and where you rank in society. There is a lot of pressure associated with being successful, without there being a real definition of what success is. I personally believe that you decide what success is, and that if you are happy with who you are and what you are doing, you are successful. Unfortunately there is a very big difference between our own personal definitions of success, and societies definition of success. Whatever that is.



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2 responses to “Success

  1. According to your site stats you’ve had over 1,500 hits. That’s something successful. But shouldn’t you be blogging for the joy of it?

    • Absolutely. That is the only reason I blog. I honestly couldn’t force myself to do something like this that I didn’t enjoy. And I do very much enjoy it, you get to talk to people, and see what other people’s thoughts and opinions are, which is incredibly valuable. I guess I like to achieve, and success is something that is pushed on a lot of children my age, especially at school. Site stats are something I have become a little obsessed over, it keeps me motivated. And it doesn’t really matter how much I achieve, in anything, there will always be another goal for me to aspire to, which in some ways it’s good, and in some ways it’s bad. I can’t stop, I reach a goal, acknowledge it for half a second, and then its the next goal. It never stops, I’ll never win. But that’s okay with me, for the most part.

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