I like technology

I am writing this on my brand new laptop! How cool is that? I’m pretty excited. The thing is, is isn’t technically  mine. I got it though school. It’s a new thing that they are testing out. Everyone purchases a laptop, but we don’t own it, it’s the education departments. Which means that it is pretty much for school work. They have done a very through job of blocking everything on this, it isn’t just the websites, they have disabled the CD drive thing, which means that we can’t use any CD’s, educational or not, and they have stopped us from uploading any type of program that isn’t already on the machine. Which makes sense. I just wish we could at least use iTunes. Or change our background.

Even though we can’t use it for much, it is still going to be a valuable tool. And now I don’t have to fight anyone for the computer, which could affectively save lives. What is really good about them is that everything is in one spot. Which ultimately means less text books. We can also do homework for other classes while teachers are talking, without them knowing of course, which saves a lot of time. During our science lesson today at least half  the kids were on Facebook. That’s where I draw the line. Doing something with purpose during a class isn’t the greatest idea, but there are times where you don’t really need to be listening to what the teacher is saying, or when you have finished the work you were set in class. But going on Facebook really just seems a bit insane.

I’m really pleased that the computer has a nice keyboard. It’s really great to type on, and the touch pad is pretty good as well. Usually I can’t use the touch pad, yes I suck that bad, but this touch pad is spaced out well, and has a left-click and a right-click. All very important qualities in a touch pad. It is a windows computer, which I’m glad about, because I know how to use them.Which means that I won’t have to yell at it so much. And there is this program where you can put sticky notes on your desktop. It doesn’t matter how fast the computer can run, or how much space it has, or big the screen is, as long as I have my sticky note program, I’m happy.

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