Even teenagers can do it

There is an ad that has been released on television for viva shower wipes. I personally think that the concept is a little strange, but it’s the ad itself that concerns me the most.

It says and I quote, even teenagers can do it, referring to our ability to clean showers. I would just like to clarify, yes, teenagers can clean showers, believe it or not. Are they seriously implying that anyone below or above the teenage years can clean a shower better than a teenager can? Here is an interesting piece of trivia, teenagers do not have a disease that is instantly cured as soon as we turn 20, that affects our ability to use our minds and limbs. Okay, there may be a few people that fall under that category, but I will not be a stereotype dammit! We are people! I don’t know why I have to say that…

Anyway, I have to go, got some showers that need cleaning. If you want to watch the video, click  here

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One response to “Even teenagers can do it

  1. Yah!

    Those make me angry. As in, the stereotypes. We are not just drunk teenagers rolling around in our own piss! Jees!

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