Year 8 design and technology

I am taking design and technology this semester. We are making bookends. And I suck at it. I just wasn’t biologically set up to cut wood into something that resembles what it’s supposed to. I’m truly bad at every thing to do with the subject, because, of cause, it goes further beyond being able to hold a saw.

We had to draw a design, and plot the dementions. I can’t draw. We have to research the type of wood that we are using to build the bookend, and I have no desire to research the characteristics of a piece of wood. Nor do I have the desire to read the back of a selly’s aquadehre bottle to find out what the drying time is.  I can’t use the scary machines that could amputate a foot either, partly because I’m scared shitless, and partly because I don’t know how. The last time I used one of those machines I almost cut my piece of wood in  half. So you can understand why I didn’t use that again.

I have found a new friend, called a copping saw, which I thought was pretty funny, and ironic, considering how well I was going with it. I have a love-hate relationship with it; sometimes I can use it just fine and sometimes I screw it up badly.

Right now I am trying to make a bookend. The actual bookend is going okay, it’s just two pieces of wood screwed together, its the shape that we have to make that we will later glue inside the bookend that is causing problems. I’m making a flower. It’s not going so well.

There is somethings things that I am good at, and that is sanding. I manged to fix a lot of the problems that with the flower, and I even kind of made it look like something. I’m also really good at coning people into helping me with things. And if they don’t, I say that I might lose a finger if I try to attempt it by myself, and they take pity on me. So that’s pretty much how I got though all of the bits that I did have to use a scary machine for.

I then became very frustrated with the fact that I can’t make a flower out of wood, and it seemed to help. It wasn’t looking good at the start, in fact, it didn’t look anything like it should have.  It looked like a 2 year-old had had a stab at it. But my determination proved to be very helpful, and the flower kind of looks like something. Kind of.  It’s a start.

I just kept thinking to myself, if all your male peers can do it, so can you. Do you want to know something  funny? I still have all my fingers. And do you want to know something really funny? I got a A in design and tech this term.


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