House alarms

I don’t get the point of house alarms. They don’t make any sense to me. They don’t work. In fact I’m pretty sure the only time they go off is when they shouldn’t. I don’t really mind if people have them. If it makes them feel safer, then it’s up to them. Just as long as they don’t make loud obnoxious sounds when they shouldn’t. Now is one of those times.

I don’t particularly enjoy the sound of alarms. Neither do any of my neighbours. Neither do any of the neighbours dogs. What is really annoying about this alarm is that I’m pretty sure no one’s home, which means that we could be putting up with this noise for a while. And I have to say my favourite part about alarms is that when they are on full volume, as this one evidently is, [and if it isn’t I really don’t want to know what full volume is] that they make your ears ring, so even when the alarm is turned off, the sound is still etched in your mind.  And the ironic thing is, that it doesn’t cross anyone’s minds that someone is trying to break into a house, all anyone thinks when they hear an alarm is ”you better turn it off now otherwise you’ll have something even more terrifying than any robber could be to deal with!”  So what’s the point?

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  1. Her

    Haha after the break-in last year, my parents bought one of those signs with the name of a house alarm company and put it in front of the house(though we actually don’t have a house alarm).

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