Gilmore Girls Movie Update

There has been yet another interview that Lauren Graham has given that is keeping our hopes alive. During the interview, she briefly discussed the concept of a Gilmore Girls movie, and here is what she said…

“There are always discussions – It’s something that I’ve always been open to. I think it’s something that if it’s done in the right way could be really wonderful. I email with Amy [Sherman-Palladino] and all the cast. I think it’s a conversation. It’s harder and harder to make a movie anymore, but I think there has been discussion about it.”

All of this seems positive, especially if there is actually some discussion happening between the cast, but I, along with many others, think that its time to stop stuffing around and get the cameras rolling!



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5 responses to “Gilmore Girls Movie Update

  1. SQUEAL I love the gilmore girls and was so disappointed by the seventh season that they NEED to make a movie…

  2. IxLovexGilmorexGirls!

    They SO need to make a movie!!!! I don’t know what it is about Gilmore Girls that I love so much, I just think that the show is very relatable to me. I only saw the 7th season newly aired because I was a kid while it was on-well I’m still a kid, but less of one I would say. In order for you to get a better view I was 4 when the pilot aired…….yeah. I remember watching the last season with my mom and going “I like Chris…..No I like Luke…..Chris…..Luke..Chris..Luke..Chris (and finally) LUKE!” Now, after watching all the seasons (a few times each especially the seaon 4 finale, you know “Raincoats and Recipes”), I’m a Lorelai and Luke fan completely and totally, but I need closure! Like I’m sure so many other Gilmore fans do. Luke and Lorelai should get married at LEAST and preferrably Chris be hit by a car or hmmmm maybe a bus or a UFO(!) and aliens take him away never to be seen again! (No offense to Chris fans) Anyway a Gilmore movie written by Amy would be the most perfect ending EVER and that way we would have closure, the cast would have closure and I think she would have some closure herself. It sounds AMAZING and needs to be done! By the way the aliens should take April too. In omnia paratus!!!!! Man I need some coffe now (haha).

  3. LUKE AND LORELAI NEED TO GET MARRIED IN THE MOVIE!!! Chris and April ruined the show =( It was so sad, I cried SO much when Luke and Lorelai weren’t together. They need to make a movie! I mean it is still NOT too late, anything can happen. Plus Rory didn’t have anything at the end, she just left Logan and that was it. Sookie’s baby wasn’t even born so we don’t know if it was a girl or a boy and what about what happens to Paris? Also we don’t COMPLETELY know if Luke and Lorelai were back together, it was kind of just out there floating but it wasn’t official, it’s a 2 hour movie, seriousy! ENOUGH discussion and MORE action! Us fans deserve it!!!!! I totally agree with all of you fans about Luke and Lorelai too =) they are PERFECT for each other, I will watch youtube video’s about them, it’s so cute.
    Let me know when more updates come about a movie =)

    In the mean time, sign these petitions: =D

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