Committed is a book written by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was written after her book Eat Pray Love, and is, well, it isn’t a sequel, it’s kind of the continuing
story, of her story, if that makes sense. At the end of Eat Pray Love, she fell in love with a Brazilian born man named Felipe. They were living in the states until Felipe was deported. The only way for him to secure a visa and become  a citizen is to marry. Both having been married and divorced before, the had both promised each other that they would never become legally married. Until now. Committed explores marriage, from as early as the 1600’s, up until marriage today. It talks about marriage throughout different cultures and ages, and takes a close look at why humans have always fought to be married, why we continually choose to be legally binded to another person. It also talks about the effects that marriage has on women, and how marriage was seen in the 1900’s. Loved every word, truly worth reading, no matter how old, young, married or single you are.



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2 responses to “Committed

  1. I’ve been going back and forth on whether to read this book, on one hand I really did the eat and love bit of Eat, pray, love. However she was far too whiny for my liking.

    You need to get your hands on a lady’s life in the rocky mountains by Isabella Bird. Which, despite the title, is actually a good read. Think a woman travelling through Colorado through the 1870s by herself.

    • I understand what you mean, thankfully she doesn’t bang on too much about religion in this book! This book isn’t so much a memoir, more thoughts about marriage, backed up with research. She does have some very interesting theories about about marriage, however it was the ending that I didn’t like so much, she was trying to make lots of positive conclusions about marriage, to convince herself that she was doing the right thing. Try it, you might be surprised. And thank-you for the recommendation, I will definitely try to get a copy!

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