The whole concept of Easter, to me, means nothing. Not because I don’t believe in god, which I don’t, not because I have a problem with people practicing Christianity, because I don’t, but because of the fact that there is very little truth.

There is a very small part of Easter that actually has anything to do with Jesus. In fact, there is one thing. I’ll explain. There was a festival, a long long long time ago, that was invented by the the first civilization. I am, of cause talking about the Sumerians [don’t feel bad if you have no idea what I’m talking about, the only reason I know about the first civilizations is because I’m learning about them in my Ancient and Middle ages class at school] The Sumerians didn’t have jobs like we do today, their only job was farming. Each family would grow crops, and that was their food supply.  If the crops were bad, and couldn’t supply food, the family would essentially die, unless they could get very friendly with someone whose crops were doing exceptionally well. At about this time each year, they would have a festival, and they would try to please their gods, so that their crops would do well.

Aren't they pretty?

Rabbits became the symbol for this event, because they did, and still do, breed well, along with the egg. This tradition continued. Jesus was put to death, simply because the Romans and Jews feared that he was going to take power, and make their own religions obsolete. Christianity was illegal at that time, but was secretly practiced, until, one day, a Roman emperor decided to make it legal. Christianity wasn’t popular enough to score its own festival, so they decided to merge it with another one.

So using this line of logic, which may not be completely correct, even though I believe in it, the only thing Easter has to do with Christ is that he died around the same time of year as this other festival. The eggs, the bunny rabbits, has nothing to do with Jesus and his death. And the chocolate eggs, well that’s just a clever marketing pun, which has made people millions. I wonder if the Sumerians are happy we still practice some of their traditions?


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2 responses to “Easter

  1. I doubt that he even died around this time of year. I strongly suspect that the newly developed religion simply piggy-backed on existing spring festivals.

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