Looking for Alibrandi

This book was written by Melina Marchetta. It is about a girl of 17 years, named Josie, who has an Italian and Australian background. It was published in 1992, when things such as being illegitimate, which she was, was a big deal. She attends a wealthy private catholic school, she is there on a scholarship, which in some cases is frowned upon by her peers. I have read this book about a thousand times [a thousand meaning about ten] and absolutely love it.

Josie is in her final year of high school, and in the process of discovering who she is, and what she wants to become. During this year, she meets her father, falls in love, and develops a greater understanding of her mother and grandmother, who are two of the most influential people in her life.  Her journey is funny, scary, sad and sometimes heartbreaking, and definitely worth reading.


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