My poor possibly deaf cat!

We took our cat to the vet yesterday. he had been meowing a lot, more than usual, and so we told the vet. And he said that our cat might be going deaf! The vet clapped really loudly behind his head, and he didn’t turn around. So for the rest of the day, I followed my cat around, clapping and making any sounds I could to see if he would respond. I clapped, stomped, I even got the iPad out and started making sounds with that! The apps that mum insisted on downloading actually proved to be useful for once. I think there is hope, he doesn’t always turn around, but his ears flicker. He is a very tolerant cat, who is used to loud and strange noises, and he doesn’t always respond. Going to the vet wasn’t fun for anyone, apart from the actual vet, because he made some money.

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  1. your poor kitty! One sound that would work really well is a thing on the internet called: Meowmania. I have trouble getting to it from google, but my mum has it on her blog (a bee of a certain age). It makes yowling cat sounds. Hope it helps!

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