Feminism. It is something that I have been passionate about for a long time, and decided that I am mature enough and have learned enough from elders to actually start to write about it. And my current occupation (student at high school) means that a lot of the things that I write about are going to be more from a girl’s perspective, instead a woman’s. Which I think could be a good thing. It’s something a bit different. Not many girls my age call themselves feminists, or write about feminism, so this will be a collection my young, different but not so different and possibly naive-at-times-opinions. My opinions and I welcome you.

At my age there is a lot of pressure on girls, to do things to be things that sometimes some of us just don’t want to do and be. Most of this comes from our male peers, and males in general really. I think that though out high school girls can be really under valued, and used and abused really easily. At high school some girls will lose their virginity, be called sluts and have other insulting and untrue said to them, they decide they need to change themselves, mentally and physically and some will discover a mascara wand. And unfortunately I am not immune to all this, so hopefully writing and reading and believing in feminism will keep me strong. High school is where our adult lives begin. It is also where the damage begins.



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  1. Well, mascara wands can be a lot of fun. But I find feminism more satisfying… ‘though if you want to play with mascara wands, then you go for it girl! But make sure it’s for you, not for something you think you ought to be. Working out whether it’s really for you, or because someone has pressured you into it can be very, very difficult, but of course, it’s something that being feminist will help you with.

    You’re a champion!

    • I agree, although I am more of a lipstick gal myself… I think one really important thing that I have recently realized is that doing things like wearing makeup is okay, and isn’t saying that you agree that women need to look better or anything, it’s the reason that you are wearing it, not just because you are. Now, without sounding too sappy, I want to say thank-you, for all your support and kind words. A great deal of my beliefs about things like feminism have come from watching you, talking to you and reading your blog. You are a very influential and prominent role model in my life. So thank-you.

  2. her

    That’s true. I have a close friend who’s I love to hang out with, but since she entered high school she almost tried drugs, has a senior boyfriend who attends a different school and is planning to go to the military next year (and she lost her virginity with him), wore extremely showing clothes and a lot of make-up, skip school and let her grades drop. The reason why she’s doing all these things is because she wants to live her life and make memories now so she can reminisce about it when she becomes an adult. But the problem is, is that the things she do may be a big mistake that she’ll regret later in her life.
    Okay thanks ttyl

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