Paper Giants

Paper Giants is a mini television series that aired on the ABC. Asher Keddie, plays the main role, magnificently, of course. She plays Ita Buttrose, the woman that started Cleo magazine.

This mini television series gives a great amount of insight into life in the 1970’s for women. It also gave me a better understanding about what the magazine Cleo was supposed to be and how it started, and all the things that Ita Buttrose had to over come to get the magazine published.

This woman was pregnant and had one child, had a husband that was a student, who eventually walked out on her, because he apparently couldn’t cope, and had death threats issued to her. And yet she managed to take this all in her stride. She never let being a woman stop her.

Asher Keddie with Ita Buttrose

If you want to watch Paper giants, it is on You tube, and will be on I view for a short time. Love it, if you haven’t seen it, watch it.

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