There is no ‘good’ time to have children

When is a good time to have children? Well, it’s plain and simple, let me talk you though it. Firstly, you have to be over 25, but younger than 35, because once you are 35 there is a higher chance that something could go wrong with the baby. You have to be married, because god knows what would happen to a child if it grew up without a father, and if the marriage turns sour, you have to stay in it because how could you possibly bring up a child on your own? What would people say? When you fall pregnant you must keep the child because abortion is just completely out of the question, and it’s just too bad if you aren’t married, or are too old or too young. It’s a very big problem when you are raped, because then there is no father around, and if you are a teen mum, then you had better get ready to cop some criticism. Should have kept your legs crossed, really. And if you were raped, you were probably asking for it.

THERE IS NO ‘GOOD’ TIME TO PUSH A HUMAN BEING OUT OF YOUR BODY. Criticizing mothers about when and to whom they fall pregnant, and what happens in their lives after they fall pregnant, isn’t helping anyone. And criticizing people about terminating a pregnancy is just as bad, as they are allowed to make their own decisions for themselves. Besides, they either get abused for keeping the baby, or terminating a pregnancy. Both decisions would have an impact on them for the rest of their lives, and our society doesn’t need people reminding others of those decisions, because it is none of their business.


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9 responses to “There is no ‘good’ time to have children

  1. Yes. Exactly so. And very well said.

  2. Nice post. So, so true.

  3. I totally agree. What’s also interesting, for my money, is that the vast majority of those who choose to terminate pregnancies are women in their 20s and early 30s, middle-class, and often at the beginning of their careers. And the reason they give is that they want kids, but only when they can parent well, especially in terms of having enough money; so in many respects, the extra pressures which are placed on mothers (to be everything to their kids) results in more abortions. There’s no good time, yes, and there’s probably never a moment where a mother is perfect enough to live up to the standards of parenting society expects. Which: grr and also argh.

    But basically: precisely and well articulated!

  4. SunlessNick


  5. her

    I just want to put out there that there’s a drug women can take called Plan B if they’re raped, so they don’t necessarily have to carry a child.

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