What’s the point in that?

It’s something that I wonder about a lot. The point of living, I mean. Why should humans even exist on this planet? What is our purpose? How do we help to human race, and more importantly, how do we help everything that is beyond that? Why do we get up in the morning, live our lives? Get jobs have kids, whatever we do, why? Why is our life important? We live it, we die. What’s the point in that?

People who wonder these things, but decide that it is worth living, for whatever reason, are lucky. They can dismiss these thoughts and never question this with the same intensity again. Those that don’t, they are the not so lucky ones. And they aren’t okay with just livings without wondering why.

So why are some people okay with our existence, even though to many, it seems pointless. Is it because they have something to live for, or just assume that they are here now, better make the most of it until it is too late. Or do some people just not want to know, would rather live in ignorance because questioning things is dangerous, especially if there isn’t any answers.

What is the point of our existence anyway? I’m convinced that there isn’t an answer for that. Some people will help change the world, and our society. Some will work within our society, supplying it with things it needs to grow and succeed. And some people will will work against our society. But I think people live and exist for reasons that only they can discover themselves. It’s when you can’t discover that reason, that is when you are truly lost.


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