For those who are easily disctracted

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had the day off from school because the teachers were learning how to use the computers. If they are trying to keep up with the students them they may as well quit while they are ahead, but it is very funny watching them try. Anyway, the two main things that I wanted to achieve that day were to finish an assignment, and do some cleaning.

It’s an interesting dilemma, I either finish my design and technology assignment, or clean the bathroom. So I started off cleaning the bathroom, and once I decided I had had enough of that, I did some of my school work. And then finished the bathroom.

So it turns out that if I ever want to get something done, I have to pick two things that I really don’t want to do and do both of them. I get sick of one, move onto the other. And knowing that there isn’t that much time in a day, I know that I’m going to have stay focused to get everything done. But it works, especially for people who get easily distracted. You should give it a shot.



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4 responses to “For those who are easily disctracted

  1. Oi! Not all teachers are technophobes.

    • No, you are absolutely right. But when a design and tech teacher, someone who is payed to know about computers, can’t make the sound come out of the smart board, you kinda have your doubts. Some teachers are better than others.

  2. I thought Tech and Design was about making things.

    • It is, but design and tech at my school has two different components. There is what is called materials tech, and systems tech. Materials tech is making things, systems tech is making things with computers.

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