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Elizabeth Noble

Elizabeth Noble is an author of many internationally bestselling titles. Things I want my daughters to know, The girl next door, The reading Group and Alphabet weekends are some of my favorites. She writes books for adults, that are kind of romantic, some would call it sappy, and many parts are very sad. Its kind of the book version of a chick flick, if you will. Some of her story lines appear to be very been there done that, and some people would hate the story line altogether. The books that I have read have had many story lines, women who have to deal with their husbands infidelity, a death of someone close, a couple trying for a baby, those kinds of things.  Her books are usually from different points of view, she will have many characters that she writes about, that are all connected in some way.  I love her books, I always want to find out what happens next, so I finish it in a matter of days. If you can appreciate the genre of her books, you will love them too, and I highly recommend them.


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My how far we’ve come.

These are some of the advertisements that were around in the 1950’s. They were mainly found in newspapers. To try and sell stuff.

What can I say? I’m just glad that we will never have to be exposed to this sort of  advertising, and that if we are, we don’t have to tolerate it. And, just for the record, for all those that haven’t got the message, very few people will want a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. So don’t go there.

For me the world that these images portray is rather alarming. The attitude of men towards women back then is foreign to me. The shift from women maintaining a house, to
women working is one of the most significant changes since the 50’s. But it wasn’t just that women could have jobs, it was seeing women as people, people who have lives beyond the household. People that can recieve Christmas presents that aren’t cleaning related.


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It isn’t funny. So why is everyone laughing?

Rape is something that you hear about a lot in high school. But it isn’t talked about in a serious light, no, god forbid anyone take anything seriously, people make jokes about it. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. People make jokes about a crime, and sometimes even committing a crime. I don’t understand why some people can’t at least take some things seriously.

It is really alarming to think that this is happening. Some of the youth of our society, don’t take rape seriously. Which means when it happens they won’t take it seriously. Which means that when they commit it they won’t take it seriously. I am positive that there would be people that wouldn’t even know that it is a crime. That if found guilty, you can get a record. Go to jail. That is how serious it is. But by taking something out of one light and putting it into a completely different context like this is really bad, simply because eventually no one will take it seriously. It will be normal.

I understand that just because someone makes a joke about rape, doesn’t mean that they are a rapist. But it adds to
society’s idea of rape. It takes something that should be
taken as seriously as any other crime, and turns it into a joke. Well, the victim’s aren’t laughing. They will probably
never forget it, never get over it.

So why is everyone laughing?

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Go Penny Wong!

I love Penny Wong. She is such an inspiring and remarkable politician. And her response to a a meowing sound made by a Tasmanian Liberal senator David Bushby really demonstrates how strong she really is.

I am convinced that there are people out there that would think that she was making a fuss about nothing, and criticize her for standing up for herself, but I can assure you that it is absolutely not nothing, because as she pointed out, it is sexist and no one would have made such a ‘comment’, if you could call it that, if a man was making an argument in parliament. Its just not on, and no one is laughing.

It is not easy to pull someone up on these things. In fact, it takes a lot of guts, more than one would think. So go Penny Wong, for putting him in his place, for not letting him get away with it, and for telling the nation that this kind of behavior is insanely childish, and that no one should have to put up with it.


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