It isn’t funny. So why is everyone laughing?

Rape is something that you hear about a lot in high school. But it isn’t talked about in a serious light, no, god forbid anyone take anything seriously, people make jokes about it. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. People make jokes about a crime, and sometimes even committing a crime. I don’t understand why some people can’t at least take some things seriously.

It is really alarming to think that this is happening. Some of the youth of our society, don’t take rape seriously. Which means when it happens they won’t take it seriously. Which means that when they commit it they won’t take it seriously. I am positive that there would be people that wouldn’t even know that it is a crime. That if found guilty, you can get a record. Go to jail. That is how serious it is. But by taking something out of one light and putting it into a completely different context like this is really bad, simply because eventually no one will take it seriously. It will be normal.

I understand that just because someone makes a joke about rape, doesn’t mean that they are a rapist. But it adds to
society’s idea of rape. It takes something that should be
taken as seriously as any other crime, and turns it into a joke. Well, the victim’s aren’t laughing. They will probably
never forget it, never get over it.

So why is everyone laughing?

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One response to “It isn’t funny. So why is everyone laughing?

  1. her

    IKR!! Many times I’ve seen a person go up to a friend and hug/wrestle with them and the person would shout “rape!” I get it’s supposed to be funny, but rape is something that should definitely be taken more seriously because how I think about it, it can really deprive a soul, and create a memory that will be stuck with the victim for life.
    I really hate when people don’t take things seriously, and think it’s so funny when really it’s not humorous at all.

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