Elizabeth Noble

Elizabeth Noble is an author of many internationally bestselling titles. Things I want my daughters to know, The girl next door, The reading Group and Alphabet weekends are some of my favorites. She writes books for adults, that are kind of romantic, some would call it sappy, and many parts are very sad. Its kind of the book version of a chick flick, if you will. Some of her story lines appear to be very been there done that, and some people would hate the story line altogether. The books that I have read have had many story lines, women who have to deal with their husbands infidelity, a death of someone close, a couple trying for a baby, those kinds of things.  Her books are usually from different points of view, she will have many characters that she writes about, that are all connected in some way.  I love her books, I always want to find out what happens next, so I finish it in a matter of days. If you can appreciate the genre of her books, you will love them too, and I highly recommend them.

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