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I hate the term ‘broken families.’  Mainly because it implies something bad.

People often think that children who have parents that have chosen to not share their lives with one another are something to be pitied. Because it’s tragic, and is going to destroy everyone’s lives.

And it can have a profound impact on people. Studies have shown that divorce is one of the most traumatic things a person can experience, some of you may not believe it, but it is classified more traumatic than your partner actually passing. I can neither confirm nor deny this, as neither experiences have happened to me yet, but give me time. I have potential.

For me, I am who I am because of my parents divorce.  I would not be sitting here giving opinions that many have said are well beyond my years (apparently, but I’ll let you be the judge as to whether you think it’s true or not) if my parents hadn’t got a divorce. My entire life and all the experiences that come with it are a direct product of my parents separation.

I am so grateful of all that has happened to make me who I am. I can be truly grateful about everything I have, because I know how hard it is to get it. I don’t expect that I am going to have a particular type of life, because I know it may not happen.

It means that I’m not as naive, in the way some people I know are. That naivety has a lot to do with not having the option to think outside the square. If you don’t know any different, and don’t want anything outside want you know, then it can be so incredibly hard to come to terms with what you want, and how you are going to cope if what you want falls apart.

It can be very limiting, like all labels. People waiting for you to do something wrong, or get divorced yourself, because then they can say, ”well, that figured their parents were divorced.” For many people divorce can be the worst thing that happens to a family, and it never gets any better. The only thing worse for children is to put a limit on what they can achieve because of what has happened, and to expect them to lead a different life.


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WordPress Offline

WordPress is awesome. Those of you that have blogs would already know this. But the reason that WordPress is particularly awesome at the moment is because I have discovered that you can blog offline. Without internet. And this is especially awesome at the moment because during the holidays I am going to be without internet access, so I am really happy that there will be a way that I can still blog.

For those of you that want to know how to do this also, you can use mircosoft word [2007 or later] and activate your blogging account.

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