Toddlers and Tiaras

Australia has recently held it’s first children’s beauty pageant, and has been making headlines for weeks now. Not the ones that I would have figured though. Two of the biggest Australian current affair shows have been fighting over who is to get coverage of this event, among other things. Quite frankly, the whole thing is stupid and a bit confusing, and I don’t wish to humor the two television shows by talking about it anymore. They do enough of that.

I think that a lot of journalists have missed the biggest story of all, here, and that is the fact that there are young impressionable girls, covered in make-up and sequences and spray tan, that are being judged by their appearance. That is a headline in its self.

A lot of people that support children’s pageants have compared the pageant to playing sport. I can see how one would figure that comparison, but could not possibly agree. Yes, sport can get competitive, and there can be a lot of pressure associated with sport, but at least with sport you are learning skills, socializing and exercising. You are not being judged by the way you look.

These kinds of pageants have the potential to make many girls feel really horrible about themselves because of the way they look. It sends the message that the look is the most important thing, and that everyone in this world is going to judge you because of it.



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2 responses to “Toddlers and Tiaras

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  2. I was pretty disgusted at the amount of spray-tan, make-up and other beauty products on the toddlers in the newspaper articles about the pageant. I feel so, so sorry for these children.

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