Being boring

People have often called me boring. I have never really taken offense to it, I can understand why people would say that. I don’t enjoy taking risks. While everyone else is having time time of their lives, I will be looking after their possessions. And giving them answers to homework.

But I think that boring people aren’t boring at all, I mean, how many people do you know that are boring? It takes a very interesting type of person to be boring. That makes complete sense.

It is because people that are called boring, are different. They aren’t afraid to do what they want to, instead of doing what that one eccentric  person wants to do. That takes confidence. Something that non boring people don’t always have.

So next time you think a person is boring, think again. Because the courage it takes to be different, and boring, is not possessed by every person. And those qualities, they are not boring.



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2 responses to “Being boring

  1. That’s very, very true.

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