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There is no denying it- money makes the world go around.

Oh wow oh wow oh wow. So this morning I was watching sunrise this morning, while frantically trying to get ready for school, when I saw something very surprising. My little Adelaide had made headlines on a nation wide breakfast show. This doesn’t happen often, because apparently Melbourne and Sydney are way more interesting than Adelaide, which, I guess, would be in fact true. Anyway, unfortunately, Adelaide was making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The university of Adelaide has recently launched a new program, where you can pay $7600 to reserve your spot, and graduate high school in year 11, and start university in what would have been your final year of high school.

This is unbelievably unfair. Students should be allowed to attend university, regardless of whether their parents have $7600, and they should not get priority. We have taken several steps backwards here, and have gone back in time to when university was only an option for the rich.

So, the bottom line is, there goes everyone’s chances of getting in to Adelaide university, unless you have a large amount of money to back you up. I guess I can cross that university off the list of places I would consider attending. It is times like these that I wish that I was rich a immensely privileged. Maybe in my next lifetime.



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