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My new found love

I have fallen in love with travel. I always knew that I wanted to go places, but I was yet to experience the burning desire of wanting to go to different countries. But now I do and I just want to go. Anywhere, everywhere. I can thank the trip overseas for that.

The trip was amazing. And although many would assume that there would not be many differences between Australia and New Zealand, for me, there actually were quite a few.

The trip certainly was educational. I learned a lot about rugby, a lot about hot steam that comes out of the ground in Taupo, which was truly awesome, by the way, and I also discovered that bogans do not just live in Australia. There are bogans all over the world, which I found most fascinating because I honest to god thought that bogans were a special Australian breed. I was wrong.

The first time I saw wellington, I fell in love with the city, almost immediately. I think that was because it reminded me most of home. That and it is the coolest, weirdest quirky and simply amazing city.

By the end of the trip, though, I began to feel quite home sick, and I discovered that no matter how much I love to travel, I don’t think I will ever be able to live anywhere except Australia. It is home to me.


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Sitting on a suitcase- not as stupid as it sounds

I am currently sitting on top of my suit case. One may ask why I would be doing this at this particular moment, and the answer to that is simple. I am a teeny bit of trouble fitting everything into my suitcase. Shouldn’t be a big deal, I’ll figure it out, and sitting on it seems to be compressing my clothes, and is actually helping, so that’s good. So there is a tip for you. The reason that I am sitting on a suitcase is because this time tomorrow, I am going to be in another country, and would quite like to have a different set of clothes. (It is really fun saying that, you should try it sometime.)

This is my first trip out of the country (again, fun!) and I still have a lot to do, I’m not sure how I am finding time to blog, but I am. It is funny how you find time to do things that you really don’t have time to do. Anyway, I am very excited. And I wanted to tell you all about it. I shall write more about my trip, as it happens, and shall document everything until my heart is content, so there will be a few pretty pictures along with my many and varied stories.

Wish me luck at customs, my traveling companions tend to break a sweat and look very guilty and nervous, even though they aren’t guilty, and haven’t done anything wrong. It will be an interesting day.


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