Sitting on a suitcase- not as stupid as it sounds

I am currently sitting on top of my suit case. One may ask why I would be doing this at this particular moment, and the answer to that is simple. I am a teeny bit of trouble fitting everything into my suitcase. Shouldn’t be a big deal, I’ll figure it out, and sitting on it seems to be compressing my clothes, and is actually helping, so that’s good. So there is a tip for you. The reason that I am sitting on a suitcase is because this time tomorrow, I am going to be in another country, and would quite like to have a different set of clothes. (It is really fun saying that, you should try it sometime.)

This is my first trip out of the country (again, fun!) and I still have a lot to do, I’m not sure how I am finding time to blog, but I am. It is funny how you find time to do things that you really don’t have time to do. Anyway, I am very excited. And I wanted to tell you all about it. I shall write more about my trip, as it happens, and shall document everything until my heart is content, so there will be a few pretty pictures along with my many and varied stories.

Wish me luck at customs, my traveling companions tend to break a sweat and look very guilty and nervous, even though they aren’t guilty, and haven’t done anything wrong. It will be an interesting day.



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2 responses to “Sitting on a suitcase- not as stupid as it sounds

  1. I hope your travels go well, and that you have a fabulous time.

  2. Ursa

    If you would like some advice, putting all your tops on top of each other will make it easier to compress them. I hope you have a great time!

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