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The Bell Jar

The bell jar was written by Sylvia Plath in 1963. The book isn’t an auto biography, however it certainly contains elements of Sylvia’s life thoughout the book. Sylvia Plath sadly took her own life in 1963.

I loved this book beyond the telling. There is something very different about it, it  is so incredibly honest. And real. I didn’t really understand why some people described it as depressing, which,yes, worries me a little a bit. But it is insight into a very different world. Towards the end of the book she talks about her depression, and then the book moves into her life in an asylum.

I found it interesting discovering the medical practices used only 50 or so years ago, and how different the practices are now. She also mentioned her experiences with shock therapy. Although I have outlined more of the depressing parts of the world, Sylvia Plath managed to write in such an engaging and sometimes witty manner I simply could not put it down.


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Meet my grandmother, Emily Gilmore

Some of you would know my complete obsession and admiration for the television show, the Gilmore Girls. I quite literally want to be Lorelai Gilmore. It has always been odd how my grandmother and Emily Gilmore are so incredibly alike. I’m talking twins separated at birth. She has pulled many stunts similar to Emily Gilmore, and has the need to control everything all the time. But, also like Emily Gilmore, she does it because she cares. I hope.

Anyway, I didn’t realize how similar they were until she asked whether there was anything of hers that I would like when she dies. In fact, we had a conversation that resembles the one that Rory and Lorelai had with Emily. Although no one made reference to a Jewish comedian. And I had to bite my tongue to stop laughing at the coincidence. And yes, that took some explaining.

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Writing about writing

I have had a ‘writers block’ for the past few months, and have had issues with coming up with something to write about. Since I have had a lot of time on my hands lately, I am trying to come up with blog posts. But for the mean time, I thought I would write about, well, writing.

I love writing. I love the freedom that you have, to create anything that you want. I love how you can convey feelings, and how you can express messages. I love how you can make others think, and how I can make myself think.

I can never really tell good writing from bad. If a writer lacks the basic structure of whatever he or she is writing, it tends to fall apart pretty quickly, but if a writer understands how a piece of writing is supposed to flow, really, I don’t see how anyone could be a bad writer.

I have read quite a few blogs over the past year, none of which I could fault the writing. And I have read quite a few different blogs, not just popular ones. Maybe there are a few common principles that writers have  in common, especially bloggers. Most blogs that I have read are extremely honest. If you decide to write a blog, you may as well give it your all, I guess. I think a lot of people would underestimate the bravery that requires.

My writing isn’t really like that. I tend to write about things, and give my opinion on it, instead of writing about me. I don’t know whether that is because I’m not brave enough or because writing about me would get very dull very quickly. Probably a bit of both.

Writing is very therapeutic, I take great comfort in it. It reminds me that there is something I can do. That is one of the big things I love about writing, is that anyone can do it. Even if they can’t physically write it down, everyone create something very unique with words. You don’t need to be unbelievably talented.


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Why I hate New Years Eve

I hate the whole new years tradition. Everything about it. I hate News years eve, new years resolutions, and I even hate the beach, which is where most people in Australia spend new years eve. And yes, you are damn right to say I’m cynical, but I’m allowed to be, sometimes, aren’t I?

The only ‘resolution’ I have for the new year is to get though it. Seems like I’m off to a good start, right? I hate setting goals at the beginning of the year, just because its the beginning of the year. I think, for goals to have a high success rate requires a lot of motivation, and if that motivation is somehow magically discovered at the beginning of the year, and not when you first think of the goal, that there might be a few issues with achieving that goal. Put it plainly, it just isn’t an effective system for me. If it works for you great, if not, then you are like a large percentage of new years eve goal setters.

My hatred of new years eve is a strange one, and I have never identified the exact reason, although I do have a fairly good idea. I seem to have an uncanny ability to  work myself into an alarming panic attack state about the year before ending, and, even worse, the new year beginning. For the past few years I have had incredibly bad years, and now somehow subconsciously, and a little bit consciously, am convinced that it will never get any better. That paralyzing anxiety starts at the beginning of December and doesn’t end till the end of January. I don’t know why. I can’t wait for February though.

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