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Meet my grandmother, Emily Gilmore

Some of you would know my complete obsession and admiration for the television show, the Gilmore Girls. I quite literally want to be Lorelai Gilmore. It has always been odd how my grandmother and Emily Gilmore are so incredibly alike. I’m talking twins separated at birth. She has pulled many stunts similar to Emily Gilmore, and has the need to control everything all the time. But, also like Emily Gilmore, she does it because she cares. I hope.

Anyway, I didn’t realize how similar they were until she asked whether there was anything of hers that I would like when she dies. In fact, we had a conversation that resembles the one that Rory and Lorelai had with Emily. Although no one made reference to a Jewish comedian. And I had to bite my tongue to stop laughing at the coincidence. And yes, that took some explaining.


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Gilmore Girls Movie Update

There has been yet another interview that Lauren Graham has given that is keeping our hopes alive. During the interview, she briefly discussed the concept of a Gilmore Girls movie, and here is what she said…

“There are always discussions – It’s something that I’ve always been open to. I think it’s something that if it’s done in the right way could be really wonderful. I email with Amy [Sherman-Palladino] and all the cast. I think it’s a conversation. It’s harder and harder to make a movie anymore, but I think there has been discussion about it.”

All of this seems positive, especially if there is actually some discussion happening between the cast, but I, along with many others, think that its time to stop stuffing around and get the cameras rolling!


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Gilmore Girls Movie?

I myself am a confessed Gilmore girls addict! I love the Gilmore Girls sooo much, I’ve seen every season about 10 times. However, I have found out that I am certainly not the only Gilmore-girls freak out there, so many people watch the series over and over, practically memorizing the lines. I found out recently there has been talk of a Gilmore Girls movie! Apparently Lauren Graham [Lorelei Gilmore] has said that it might happen, during an interview that was posted on a gilmore girls fan site [] It would certainly be a worth-while in devour for WB, even if the movie was awful, I’m sure almost all Gilmore-Girls fans desperately want to know what’s in store for that little town named stars hollow.

It certainly is very exciting news for all Gilmore Girls fans, and hopefully the plan will be put into action. If you want updated information on what’s happening with the Gilmore Girls movie, click here.



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