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Writing about writing

I have had a ‘writers block’ for the past few months, and have had issues with coming up with something to write about. Since I have had a lot of time on my hands lately, I am trying to come up with blog posts. But for the mean time, I thought I would write about, well, writing.

I love writing. I love the freedom that you have, to create anything that you want. I love how you can convey feelings, and how you can express messages. I love how you can make others think, and how I can make myself think.

I can never really tell good writing from bad. If a writer lacks the basic structure of whatever he or she is writing, it tends to fall apart pretty quickly, but if a writer understands how a piece of writing is supposed to flow, really, I don’t see how anyone could be a bad writer.

I have read quite a few blogs over the past year, none of which I could fault the writing. And I have read quite a few different blogs, not just popular ones. Maybe there are a few common principles that writers have  in common, especially bloggers. Most blogs that I have read are extremely honest. If you decide to write a blog, you may as well give it your all, I guess. I think a lot of people would underestimate the bravery that requires.

My writing isn’t really like that. I tend to write about things, and give my opinion on it, instead of writing about me. I don’t know whether that is because I’m not brave enough or because writing about me would get very dull very quickly. Probably a bit of both.

Writing is very therapeutic, I take great comfort in it. It reminds me that there is something I can do. That is one of the big things I love about writing, is that anyone can do it. Even if they can’t physically write it down, everyone create something very unique with words. You don’t need to be unbelievably talented.



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Blogging for bloggings sake

I am currently in my bed under my covers with my laptop computer Why? Because I can. Yes , it seemed like a better idea when I first thought of it and yes my leg is going to sleep and I can’t breath that well but it doesn’t matter, because I am warm and happy. And because I am having fun. Isn’t that the reason some people get up in the morning? Isn’t supposed to be what makes the world go around? Being happy, having fun, being warm, being loved. Aren’t they supposed to be important? But no, it’s about money and success and having the biggest car and house and looking younger than you did at the age that you want to look right now. Usually, being the cynic I am, I would agree that money and success are important. And they are. But not the most important. Not right now.

Wouldn’t it be just great if could cut the crap for just a minute, and acknowledge what is really important. Not many people do that often, because people judge others who think things like money can’t buy happiness, because it is a cliche, and because in a lot of ways money can buy happiness, so it isn’t entirety true. And so I’m not saying that we should all believe things like that, and be grateful for every moment we live, just because we are living it. I’m saying step outside of yourself. What do you really think? About things that go on in our world, anything, really. What is your opinion away from all the people that form your opinion for you? What is really important to you? Do the people that are important in you life know how important they are? Do they need to be reminded?

And so I’m blogging for bloggings sake. Because I can because it’s fun because it makes people think. For all the reasons I think I should be. For all the reasons I get up in the morning.

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Success. It’s a strange thing. It’s supposed to be good, but if you are like me, you don’t want to hear about it unless it’s yours. It’s not about wanting to be the only person that achieves, or the only person that has good things happen to them, or wanting anyone to hog the limelight, or even pride, to me other people’s success is depressing.  If other people achieve things it means I have failed. And yes, you can say it, it’s cynical. It is. And I am.

But that doesn’t bother me. I prefer to call it realism. Wow, that’s a good spin, wouldn’t I make a great politician? Anyway, moving on…  Take blogging, for instance. There are people that write posts, every day, that become freshly pressed, and instead of feeling happy for them, I think, why can’t I do that? Why aren’t I interesting? See, if you are still awake, then I must be interesting to some degree. But not interesting enough. Not good enough.

That’s why I think that other people’s success is depressing. But there are always people to look down on. Doesn’t that make everyone feel better? What is wrong with our society?

I think the thing that I hate most about success, is it defines a lot of who you are, and where you rank in society. There is a lot of pressure associated with being successful, without there being a real definition of what success is. I personally believe that you decide what success is, and that if you are happy with who you are and what you are doing, you are successful. Unfortunately there is a very big difference between our own personal definitions of success, and societies definition of success. Whatever that is.


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Hello fellow bloggers!

I’m admittedly not that good at blogging [yet, anyway] but hope to improve, and have a very interested audience. And if not, well what else is new? Anyway, I started the blog so that I could record, and hopefully gain some much needed perspective on my somewhat catastrophic life.

In two weeks I’m going to be starting high school, and thought that I should share my many experiences with you. Or anyone that will listen. I’m sure that if you do read this blog, you will thoroughly enjoy laughing at me [and hopefully with me some of the time.]

I also hope that you can relate to my blog, whether you yourself are at high school, or are reading this blog, relieved that your own high school days are over! I also have many fierce opinions, which I shall share throughout many of my posts, about anything that i feel like writing about.

I named this blog lessons to be learned because over the next five years I’m going to be learning plenty of them, inside and outside of the classroom. I would be thrilled to share my journey with anyone that would like to listen. Starting with you.

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