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Conversations with my 13 year old self…

Can you be a feminist without knowing what a feminist is? This is one question that I have been asking myself over the past few days. On one hand it seems so incredibly obvious that the answer is yes, people can have a belief without actually knowing what humans have decided to classify it as, and that thought made me think that, case closed, I was a feminist before I actually knew what the terminology was.

But, on the other hand, I have learned so much over the past year about many people’s ideas and beliefs about what feminism is, and what it means to them, that the thought of saying that people can be something without discovering what it truly means to them seems most untrue. Until this year, I didn’t really express my thoughts as much as I do now. I acknowledge them a lot more than I did before.

For some reason, giving something a name seems to clarify a lot of things for me, and most people alike. It is kind of like looking at one tiny part of a picture, trying to figure out what it means, and then one day looking up at the rest of the picture, and then it all makes sense.

Knowing that there are in fact people that think the same way as me was really important to me, not because I am afraid of being different, but because you have like minded people you can talk to, and you aren’t trying to make the whole world see things the way you do.

I haven’t been debating this in my head enough to come to a conclusion, so I’ll let you know when I’m done to the final round. In the mean time, thoughts? I would love to know what others think about the subject.



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This is this word of the week purely because of my upcoming debate. It isn’t really a nice thing, to have to say that an unborn child is called a fetus, and therefore does not have the same rights as a human, but there is a difference. The definition of a fetus is an unborn child that is over 8 weeks old. It comes from the Latin word fētus, meaning bringing forth of young.

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In English we are learning how to debate. Bit boring for me, really, since I pretty much know all the stuff our teacher is telling in class. But it became a whole lot more exciting when I heard that we have to prepare an argument and present it in front of the class. Well, that’s not really the exciting part, the exciting part was when I read though the topics we could debate on.

Abortion. Okay, you might think I am crazy for being excited about arguing about this, but for those of you that know me would understand. I have heaps of opinions, and love love love to share them and love love love to prove people wrong. The statement is ”that women have no right to abortion” I am arguing against this statement, and against someone else. God I love this.

I have done a bit of research on this, (I only got the assignment today) and have some good ideas about what I’m going to say, and how I’m going to rebut certain topics, but would really appreciate anyone who would like to help me. Whether it be a link, advise, or ideas, I would love to hear from you. And I know that there will be a few of my readers that are very passionate about a woman’s right to abort, and that are very knowledgeable about this. And debating. Among other things. So your knowledge will be helpful, and greatly appreciated.


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Sometimes Shit Happens

The latest story that is on every good breakfast show this morning was about, you guessed it, Tony Abbott, and his comment concerning the death of a solider in Afghanistan. The comment that he made to the fellow soldiers was of course ‘well, sometimes shit happens.’

This of course didn’t make headlines on its own, his response when questioned by a channel seven reporter [Mark Riley] was what created a stir. Silence, funnily enough, was what caused the ‘media circus’ as Tony Abbott would put it. That, and the fact that he practically issued a death threat just by looking at him. If I were Mark Riley, I would sleep with one eye open. In fact, I might not even sleep at all.

People have criticized Tony Abbott for taking the soldiers death too lightly, for offending soldiers, for offending family and friends of the deceased solider, and for looking like he was going to kill someone. Mark Riley was criticized for asking him about the comment in the first place.

I don’t think that the comment is offensive, however I do think it is incredibly foolish to say that when there is a camera within a metre of you. Its unprofessional, and not necessary to use that kind of language. The very idea of the reporter being criticized is crazy. Its their job to be a shit stirrer, to make people’s lives miserable. This certainly isn’t something that should come as a surprise. If people can  make Julia Gillard’s ear lopes a topic for debate, this is going to be front page for a week.

If you want to see the interview, I have inserted it into the post, however, this is, in a nut shell, the exciting part.

Abbott: I was doing my best to support the soldiers that I was discussing with then. Look, a soldier has died, and you shouldn’t be trying to turn this into a subsequent media circus.

Riley: The soldier shouldn’t?

Abbott: [Points to Riley] Riley: I shouldn’t? But I’m not turning this into a media circus. I’m showing you vision, of you, your reaction to his explanation of what happened on the day in the operation in which MacKinney was killed. How is that turning that into a media circus?

Abbott: [Nods, 20 second pause]

Riley: Well tell me, what’s the context then, if it’s out of context, what is the context? You’re not saying anything Tony.

Abbott: I’ve given you the response you deserve.

God I love politics!

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