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I thought, since i haven’t started high school yet, i may as well fill you in on what happened to me in 2010. I lost my best friend to New Zealand, i lost my father to a caravan and a desire to mend a broken heart, i almost lost my house, i lost my primary school….yeah, 2010 did not agree with me, to put it simply.

It was a far more emotional experience, leaving my primary school than what i thought it would be. My best friend was leaving the country at the end of 2010,  and i wasn’t going to the same high school as some of my other good friends as well.

Now i  don’t know how I’m going to get though next year, without so many of the things I’ve depended on. I’m not even at high school yet and i think it sucks! I’m sorry if this is depressing, but I’m trying to look forward, and leave 2010 behind me. Please believe me, I’m not this dull! So, I’m hoping to get many interested viewers since my life is pretty much like one of those soap operas on television, and hey, the drama aspect worked for neighbours didn’t it?


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Hello fellow bloggers!

I’m admittedly not that good at blogging [yet, anyway] but hope to improve, and have a very interested audience. And if not, well what else is new? Anyway, I started the blog so that I could record, and hopefully gain some much needed perspective on my somewhat catastrophic life.

In two weeks I’m going to be starting high school, and thought that I should share my many experiences with you. Or anyone that will listen. I’m sure that if you do read this blog, you will thoroughly enjoy laughing at me [and hopefully with me some of the time.]

I also hope that you can relate to my blog, whether you yourself are at high school, or are reading this blog, relieved that your own high school days are over! I also have many fierce opinions, which I shall share throughout many of my posts, about anything that i feel like writing about.

I named this blog lessons to be learned because over the next five years I’m going to be learning plenty of them, inside and outside of the classroom. I would be thrilled to share my journey with anyone that would like to listen. Starting with you.

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