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Conversations with my 13 year old self…

Can you be a feminist without knowing what a feminist is? This is one question that I have been asking myself over the past few days. On one hand it seems so incredibly obvious that the answer is yes, people can have a belief without actually knowing what humans have decided to classify it as, and that thought made me think that, case closed, I was a feminist before I actually knew what the terminology was.

But, on the other hand, I have learned so much over the past year about many people’s ideas and beliefs about what feminism is, and what it means to them, that the thought of saying that people can be something without discovering what it truly means to them seems most untrue. Until this year, I didn’t really express my thoughts as much as I do now. I acknowledge them a lot more than I did before.

For some reason, giving something a name seems to clarify a lot of things for me, and most people alike. It is kind of like looking at one tiny part of a picture, trying to figure out what it means, and then one day looking up at the rest of the picture, and then it all makes sense.

Knowing that there are in fact people that think the same way as me was really important to me, not because I am afraid of being different, but because you have like minded people you can talk to, and you aren’t trying to make the whole world see things the way you do.

I haven’t been debating this in my head enough to come to a conclusion, so I’ll let you know when I’m done to the final round. In the mean time, thoughts? I would love to know what others think about the subject.



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I thought that this would be an appropriate word of the week, seeing it’s mother’s day and all. I googled the word mother, to try and find the words to define mother. And I can’t. Many words fit in a neat category, with one or two meaning. But what is a mother? How can you possibly define such a thing? No, mother is not a word that you can define, you can’t say that one isn’t a mother and one is. I think that’s kind of special in a way. There are so many different forms of mothers, and you can’t explain what that is in a sentence or two.

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One of my very good friends and I have always loved this word. Just the concept of something being discombobulated  is cool. And a bit weird. I love the way that its meaning is so open ended, it could mean so many things, purely because of the combination of words, and parts of words.

The word, for those of you that don’t know, means to confuse, or disconcert. It is an American word, it’s origins aren’t completely clear, but it is believed that this word started appearing in 1834 or thereabouts.

If you want to find out more information about the word, by all means don’t use Wikipedia, because they don’t even have a page dedicated to this truly awesome word. Isn’t that insulting? Though they probably wouldn’t have got it right anyway…. Anyway, cool word right?

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