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Why I hate New Years Eve

I hate the whole new years tradition. Everything about it. I hate News years eve, new years resolutions, and I even hate the beach, which is where most people in Australia spend new years eve. And yes, you are damn right to say I’m cynical, but I’m allowed to be, sometimes, aren’t I?

The only ‘resolution’ I have for the new year is to get though it. Seems like I’m off to a good start, right? I hate setting goals at the beginning of the year, just because its the beginning of the year. I think, for goals to have a high success rate requires a lot of motivation, and if that motivation is somehow magically discovered at the beginning of the year, and not when you first think of the goal, that there might be a few issues with achieving that goal. Put it plainly, it just isn’t an effective system for me. If it works for you great, if not, then you are like a large percentage of new years eve goal setters.

My hatred of new years eve is a strange one, and I have never identified the exact reason, although I do have a fairly good idea. I seem to have an uncanny ability to  work myself into an alarming panic attack state about the year before ending, and, even worse, the new year beginning. For the past few years I have had incredibly bad years, and now somehow subconsciously, and a little bit consciously, am convinced that it will never get any better. That paralyzing anxiety starts at the beginning of December and doesn’t end till the end of January. I don’t know why. I can’t wait for February though.


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So, how is high school?

I am one week into the 2 semester of my first year at high school. Finally I think I am getting used to it. I remember that first week of high school felt like a whole year. I thought I would never see the end of this year. So you could imagine my relief to know that it is almost August, and that time doesn’t feel so slow anymore.

A few months ago I went back to my old primary school to talk about my new school, and high school in general. I did most of the talking, because I’m like that, and the two other people that came with me weren’t particularly chatty. I talked about the differences between high school and primary school. There are a thousand and one things you could list,but at the end of the day, everyone is going to have different things that they miss, and different things that they don’t miss. It took me a long time to stop wanting to go back to my old school, to a familiar and safe environment. Now, I have recently realized, I am happy where I am.

The third term is the hardest to get used to, because that is when your classes change. I’m not very happy about one of the classes, but thankfully, it only goes for a term. So I might survive it.

When I first started high school, everyone would ask me how is high school, and I always say its good, I’m happy, the same perfunctory responses each time. All I really wanted to say is that I don’t know, because I really didn’t. That very much rings true now, since I do know a lot more. Now I can actually answer there question properly.

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Making Friends

This has been one of the hardest things for me at High school so far. Some people can naturally and easily make friends, can have conversations with people about almost anything, and can handle awkward silences.I am not one of those people. Yes, I can talk a lot, but not to people I don’t know.

I found it hard having to make new friends after my best friend moved countries. It took us, I think, about a year to get to a good place, to be really good friends. Right now, a year seems like a life time. Also, being really sad all the time isn’t a great way to make friends either. So it’s been a rather emotional experience as well. Hopefully I’ll get better at it.

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How to become a christain

I was at a friends house, reading the bible that she had, not because she was religious, but because she needed it for school. Anyway, I came across this:

How to become a christian

the way to live life god’s way is to become a christian. But how? Four simple words show how to begin and the path to take.

Turn: Change the direction of your life by living the way god wants, rather than doing things your own way.

Trust: Believe that what Jesus said and did was true and that he can work in your life today.

Take: Receive what Jesus has promised- forgiveness, love, purpose and new life.

Talk: talk to someone you know who is christian, or contact your local christian church and speak to a minster, priest or pastor.

The concept of a four-step process to become a christian is completely laughable in my opinion. I think the first one, turn, is my favourite. The idea of changing yourself so you can live your life the way god wants you to is complete bullshit as far as I’m concerned. I mean, doesn’t the bible encourage you to be your own person? What would happen if everyone was the same? How does anyone know how god wants us to live anyway? There are so many different adaptations of Christianity, all with their own beliefs, that  it’s hard to find common ground.

I don’t even really believe that you can ‘become’ a christian. You can be a follower, or someone that uses the principals of Christianity, or someone that calls themselves a christian because they feel better about themselves, or because their parents are around,  I don’t think any person could uphold everything that god apparently expects them to, and don’t think that anyone should. People have to make mistakes to learn.

I would like to make it cleat that, although I am not  a Christian and I don’t believe in god, I am not in any way making fun of god or Christianity or even the bible. I am purely mocking the idea of there being a four-step process to becoming a christian. I think that the morals that Christians live by are honorable, and am on no mission to demean that.


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